Rodeo Royalty

Meet Our 2019 Rodeo Queen, Miranda Sandoval 

Miranda Sandoval is the current Rodeo de Santa Fe Queen. She is the nineteen year old daughter of Brenda and Russel Sandoval. She is currently attending Central New Mexico Community college. Pursuing her career goal of graduating with a Bachelor of science in Nursing. One of her passions is training and riding horses. She currently competes in barrel races and rodeos all over New Mexico. One of her goals is to encourage people to wear helmets. Being a rodeo queen is a very important responsibility to her. As queen, she wishes to set a good example. To encourage people to not only pursue their dreams but chase them.

Miranda is so excited to be the Rodeo de Santa Fe Queen. She says, ”Rodeo gives you family that does anything for you and last a lifetime.” She looks forward to spending time with her new Rodeo de Santa Fe family. She can’t wait to see everyone at the 70th Rodeo de Santa Fe, June 19th though the 22nd, 2019.

Meet Our 2019 Rodeo Princess, Makayla Henson

Makayla is the 15 yr old daughter of Abe and Christine Henson from Belen NM. She is a Sophomore at Belen High School where she is an honor student. Makayla enjoys Barrel Racing and Pole bending through High School Rodeo and SWBRA. Makayla is honored to represent Rodeo de Santa Fe as your 2019 princess.

Incoming Royalty

(L to R) Abigail Lovato, Miranda Sandoval (2019 Queen), Makayla Henson (2019 Princess), Jocelyn Davis (Runner Up Princess), Maxine Manzanares, Taylor White (2020 Princess), Carissa Gibbard (Runner Up Queen), Alyssa Sauter (2020 Queen)


Miss photogenic: Abigail Lovato
Modeling: Abigail Lovato 
Speech: Abigail Lovato 
Impromptu questions: Alyssa Sauter
Personal Interview: Abigail Lovato 
Horsemanship: Carissa Gibbard
Runner-Up: Carissa Gibbard 
2020 RDSF Queen: Alyssa Sauter 


Miss photogenic: Taylor White
Modeling: Taylor White 
Speech: (Tie) Maxine Manzanares and Jocelyn Davis
Impromptu questions: (Tie) Maxine Manzanares and Jocelyn Davis
Personal Interview: Taylor White 
Horsemanship: Jocelyn Davis
Runner-Up: Jocelyn Davis
2020 RDSF Princess: Taylor White 


Miss Congeniality: Abigail Lovato
Silent Judge Winner: Maxine Manzanares 

Royalty Applications

We are accepting applications for 2019/20 Rodeo de Santa Fe Queen and Princess.

Queen contestants must be between the ages of 18 and 25; Princess Contestants must be between the ages of 13-17.

Applications must be submitted by May 1, 2019.

Candidates must be within 100 mile radius of Santa Fe and available for Rodeo and City promotions and various functions throughout their year of reign. The contest will held in the Santa Fe County Large Annex and the Rodeo de Santa Fe arena. Contestants will be judged on knowledge of PRCA rodeo, animal welfare, horsemanship, outgoingness, and public speaking. The Queen will receive monetary scholarship or custom saddle, custom made crown and buckle, and sash. The Princess receives a custom made crown, buckle, and sash.  The incoming royalty will be crowned Saturday night of this year’s rodeo.

The incoming Queen will have the opportunity to compete for State Fair Queen in September 2019, Miss Turquoise Circuit in October 2019, or Miss Rodeo New Mexico in June, 2019.

There is a $50 application fee and the last date for application is May 1, 2019. The contest will take place May 11, 2019.

Any interested young ladies should contact Fiona at (505) 699-1527 or email

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