PRCA Bull Fighter | Cowboy Protection

Raised on a small cattle station in Queensland, Australia, Luke Kraut was born with a passion for livestock and knew he would make a living around livestock.

At the age of 15 he entering some small rodeos in the steer riding and novice bull riding, then continued to ride bulls in Australia till the age of 19. He came to Arizona with some friends and went to an elite rodeo school and knew America was the place to be if you wanted to rodeo for a living. Luke thought that sounded like it was what he’d been looking for and moved to Arizona permanently in 1995.
Fighting bulls at an amateur level to supplement his living to get on his feet while starting a Farrier service in the greater Phoenix area. Luke then got his PRCA and PBR cards and rode bulls for approximately six years, but he truly missed fighting bulls. He started fighting bulls again and never looked back. Luke says, “Getting to fight bulls has been great to me, its truly my passion and has enabled me to see this country, supplementing my living. Also knowing I’ve passed down my passion to my three sons, and hopefully their children.” Over the past 12 years Luke has been selected to fight bulls for the Turquoise Circuit Finals, he also got selected to work the 2019 RAM National Circuit Finals.

Come enjoy the 71st Rodeo de Santa Fe, June 24th-27th, 2020 marking 7 years we’ve had Luke Kraut fighting bulls at Rodeo de Santa Fe! You’ll get to see Luke in action each night, alongside his son whom he passed down his passion for fighting bulls!